Information About Allotments

Allotments are provided by Appleshaw Parish Council

What is an allotment?

An allotment is an area of land which is leased either from a private or local authority landlord, wholly or mainly for the production of vegetable, fruit and flower crops for consumption or enjoyment by the tenant and their family. The keeping of hens and rabbits is permitted on some allotment sites, so long as they are for the tenant’s own use and not for business or profit.  

Where is the Appleshaw allotment site?

The allotments are situated in the heart of Appleshaw village. There are 24 plots on a south-westerly sloping site, with limited vehicle access. Currently, tenants collect rainwater on site for their crops or bring water in containers. Some plots have a shed or greenhouse on them which have been placed there by the tenant or “inherited” from a previous tenant. Whilst the allotments are Parish Council land, there is no right of way through them. Only tenants and Parish Councillors are allowed access.

How much does a plot cost?

Plots are of varying sizes and are charged at £10 per year for all new tenants regardless of plot size.

How are the plots rented out?

Parishioners apply to the Parish Council for a plot and are put on a waiting list if no plots are available.

What is the Tenancy Agreement?

All allotment sites are protected by the Allotment Act 1922 and must have a proper Tenancy Agreement between Council and Tenant. A Schedule of Conditions specifies special rules concerning the allotments in Appleshaw. The rules et out clearly what each party expects of the other. The National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners liaises with allotment providers and holders, giving useful information for both parties. Their website address is

How long is a tenancy?

Each tenancy is for 12 months.

When are tenancies renewed?

Allotment rents are renewed on the 1st January each year.

I don’t live in the Parish – can I still apply for an allotment in Appleshaw?

Yes, you can. However, a plot can only be leased to individuals who live “out of parish” if no Appleshaw parishioners are on the waiting list for a plot.

How do I put my name on the waiting list?

Please contact the Parish Council for further information about allotments. You will need to provide your name, address, telephone number and an email address.

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